What's Your Simple Thing?

OK, so my intention to try and blog at least
once a week has already fallen by the wayside.
How did that happen?

I was so sure I would do it this year?

Here's why it didn't happen. I also decided
that this year I would just "follow my joy".
So even if it is on my to-do list but it still
doesn't fill me with joy and inspiration and that 
moment in time then it's not happening.

Here's the thing. It's really working.
When I work at something that really brings
me joy (not because I have to to do it), I find I work
less time at it but  I am really in
the flow when working; the hours just pass without me realising.
I also get much better end results. 
I get more creative. I take more inspired action.
I work less.

I appreciate we can't always do what brings us
joy (especially if we work for somebody else),
 but there are many times we can make that choice
however small.

So if I am struggling on a task (which is usually
what to write about on my blog) and I just know
going for a walk, meditating, popping out
and buying some flowers to bring home will bring me more joy,
I go ahead and do it. 

It hasn't been easy as I am from the school
of ploughing on until it's done. But last year I worked
a lot of hours of "ploughing through" and it may have got 
the result, but it also left me feeling really stressed at the same time
(and often it didn't even produce the result I wanted!)

So it's something I am trying.
If you are a follower of Abraham Hicks, Quantum Physics
Law of Attraction, Vibrational Alignment…..
whatever you want to call it, you will know 
that emotion plays a HUGE part in what we achieve.

Therefore I would love to know what is ONE simple thing that brings you
back to joy?
It could be anything from listening to a play on the radio,
taking your dog for a walk,  the silence when you stand outside 
on a snowy night…………….anything.

Mine is turning the lights down,
and nestling in front of a wood fire. Just watching
the flames roaring I find so meditative (especially
when the weather is raging outside). Admittedly
I don't stop to do this throughout the day. But when I
do it leaves me back in my happy place and 
very grounded.

Would love to hear what your one simple
thing is.



  1. Well let's see. Right now I am sipping my hot cup of coffee and sitting at my dining room table with my lap top opened in front of me. On the wood table there are a few piles of bills strewn around me, next to a book, a rock taken from Stella's mouth, a roll of white paper towels and a glossy blue and white Chinese vase. At my back I feel a gray, sunless light streaming through the French doors behind me and as I write these words I'm aware that the only sounds in the entire house are coming from the clicking on my keyboard. In these early morning hours this is the quiet "me" time that feels wonderfully lush and nurturing. I think it's my anticipation of these moments that makes it such a joyful experience, one that I'm fully aware of while it's happening. So I suppose this is similar to your experience next to the warm fire, in which you are mindfully aware of the specialness of that time.
    I can really relate to your words here Van, and I love this about you, your honest self reflections and inquisitiveness. It's what keeps us growing and learning.
    As I get older I'm learning that what we call 'joy' is always right there in our most ordinary moments, I just have to manage what the yogis call my 'monkey mind' so that I can be in touch with it...
    Thank you for starting my day off with such lovely aspirations.
    happy sunday morning,

    1. Awwwh! Thank you so much Leslie. You are words are so encouraging especially on the days when I feel I really can't do this "writing thing" ;-) xx

  2. Hi - I am an avid reader so when I take a needed break I reach for the current book and enter the world of imagination. Its even better when I'm nestled on the couch with my dog Lucy and a nice hot cup of tea. I love your blog ---


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