Mama Mia Mania

Hi there lovely lady! It seems like the whole world has gone Mama Mia mad. 
 Have you seen the new film yet? One thing is apparent whilst watching either the new film 
or the first film is how colourful the sets are. But one colour features heavily and that is turquoise; turquoise, crystal Mediterranean seas, the zany colourful outfits and even Meryl Streep's small turquoise studs. 

Turquoise is everywhere. It's also a colour that takes us back to our Summer sojourn (however long ago that might have taken place). 

It is said to be a stone of protection and used to the be talisman of Kings, Shamans and warriors.
I'll take that!!

 Below is a small selection of colourful pieces that definitely have the Mama Mia vibe going on, but with the Riviera-chic of 2018.

Mama Mia, colours, turquoise, turquoise statement ring

Mama Mia, colours, turquoise, turquoise statement cuff,  turquoise cuff, Mediterranean colours,

here (+various colours)
Mama Mia, colours, turquoise, turquoise earrings, Mediterranean colours, summer accessories
here (+ various colour options)

Mama Mia, colours, turquoise, turquoise cuff, Mediterranean colours, summer accessories

My turquoise cuff  in Dubai ;-) her
(and also in black)

Mama Mia, colours, turquoise, summer bangles, Mediterranean colours, summer access

Mama Mia, colours, turquoise, summer ring, Mediterranean colours, summer accessories, stacking rings

OK, that's it Sweets until next time.
I hope you are managing to stay cool if you are in the midst of a heatwave as we are here in the UK (I think my only 5 brain cells may have finally melted!)
Until next week (if I haven't melted in a pool somewhere or moved to the Arctic!)


  1. I'm excited to see the new version:) It's been such a busy summer we haven't seen any movies yet! Love this color Vanessa. Gorgeous pieces! ox

    1. Thanks Leslie. Likewise with me. But the darker, cooler days seem to be arriving so a trip to the cinema may be on the cards ;-)

  2. I haven't seen the new one yet, but I will!!! Turquoise is such a luscious color, and these pieces are beautiful. :-) It's freezing, literally, in my part of the world, and I'm in front of a heater with three layers on and a blanket. Brr! :-)

    1. Oh my!!! Have the seasons not started to change for you yet ? Wrap up Krista. Not long before you can get all your Summer wear on ;-) xx


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