It's All In The Jeans

Now here's the thing Girlfriends.
I've always been terrified of wearing white jeans.

Yes, my secret is out.


I always felt it was for the super lithe,
bambi-esque type legs (which I certainly don't have).

I'm not fat, but I am no Eva Longoria.

Also I have always been aware of the white jean
disasters I've seen walking around such as the image below.
Apart from not understanding the fascination with this family,
she just doesn't do white jeans properly for me
(she seems to make everything look trashy-or is that
just my opinion?)

Not a look I wish to emulate
But now I've come to realize that maybe white jeans are
the chic older sister of the blue jean.

Blue jeans are for very relaxed environments
whereas white jeans are more for a smart-casual alternative.

I think they say "I'm a little more sassy
than your average denim wearer".

Michelle Obama is clearly all woman (not waif)
and I think she wears white jeans more than she wears
blue jeans

For me the Queen of White Jeans
has to be Liz Hurley. She's not a stick
insect but I think she gets it right
(and she's more my shape).

I love her Capri version

I think to keep out of "mutton-territory" one needs to avoid 
the sparkles and embroidered spangles that some jeans have.
Also perhaps avoid the ripped versions.

I think if you keep it classic chic paired with plain khaki
black, navy and grey you can't go wrong.

Marilyn Worked it With Black

Three pieces that I think will rock your
white jeans if you are keeping everything else

I would love to hear your views on white jeans in general.
Do you, or don't you?

Now the next job is to find a pair that
flatter and don't make my rear end look like
someones over stuffed sofa!



  1. I love white jeans - on other people! Personally I stopped wearing them about five years ago but still wish I could get away with it! x

  2. I like white jeans when they look as you described, classic and clean without embellishments and rips. I wear the full length white skinny jeans, boot cut and I also have a pair of cuffed white denim capris which I love. You are not alone with your thoughts on THAT family or her-I also don't understand the fascination. ;) Some people know how to dress with elegance and look chic and others are more concerned with showing off every curve and revealing too much, she always falls into that category. As far as your ring choices, I like the last one as it reminds me of leopard print.

  3. Loving the ring choices to add that touch of bling. Awww white jeans .. I have been struggling with this for a couple of years to add white jeans or not into my summer wardrobe. The way you have put it is perfect ..."Blue jeans are for very relaxed environments whereas white jeans are more for a smart-casual alternative"... definitely going to seek out a pair for my summer wardrobe ... and I think my "new" earrings will be the inspiration.... hugs mon ami..C. (HHL)

  4. Love the rings. Especially the last one. Very nice.

  5. I love white jeans/pants but I don't own a pair. I am certain that I would spill something on them or sit down in something the moment I put them on.

  6. You had me at 'mutton'. I love a white jean, super chic. I'm like you though, I had stayed away from them for years, but have recently tried them again. If you get the fit right they can totally work. Great post and gorgeous jewels.
    xx, Heather

  7. I do not just think it is the white jeans it depends on the style of the jeans and what you choose to wear with them and for what occasion.
    The rings are beautiful and I especially like the Paua Shell rings the colours are stunning, I think if you are going to wear all white you need to be very careful with your jewellery choice and these rings are perfect.

  8. I do! I do! I think the key to white jeans are skinnies that are fairly low waisted with a loose blouse or a long jumper skimming the tops (that's how I wear them anyway). Saying that, I have had two disasters with them. One: I met a friend for lunch and sat in a red coloured sticky lollipop substance (there is no hiding that in white jeans) and two: I came home from work the other day and my husband said "you didn't wear that to work... did you?" And I said, yes, duh, I have just walked in the door. He then practically rolled on the floor laughing and told me he could see my bright red heart knickers right through my pants. So ladies, don't forget a long jumper to cover stains and don't forget what colour knickers you have on underneath!

  9. I don't wear them, but I think they can look so classy and beautiful. :-) Especially with gorgeous accessories like you've recommended. :-)

  10. I have never done white jeans ~ for me it was more practical because I would be bound to get something on them ~ spilled coffee ~ slip on the grass ~ grease from someplace where it shouldn't be ~ I think you get the idea! With that being said I do love them on other people ~ the right people. They always seemed a little nautical to me.
    I feel the same way about the Kim K ~ I don't waste my time on her on anyone else in her family.

  11. I loove white capri jeans! And Liz Hurley:) Go for it! xo Caroline

  12. I've just purchased a pair...the first pair in years!!! They look great worn simply and with neutrals...I've just got a thing on white...the older I get the more white I wear ;)
    Your rings are stunning the perfect accessory.
    Have a good week, Vanessa

  13. Love,love, love the rings!! I'm a white Jean fan. Maybe because I'm smaller on the bottom with broad shoulders, they help balance me out. White makes things look larger.


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